We at AL Printing, provides you with high quality print services from brochure printing, corporate folder, large format printing, to exhibition stands and banner stands, we can provide advice on materials and finishing.

  • Print-on-demand full colour digital printing & Offset Printing

    Business Cards, Envelopes, Letterheads&Computer forms, Invoices/Delivery&purchase Orders, Hanging Mobile/Shelf Talker, Newsletter, Carrier Bag, Packaging Box, Brochure, Catalogue, Booklets, Folders, Post-it pad, Postcard, Direct Mailer, Pamphlets/Flyers, Calendar(Ready made/Customized), Greeting Cards, Annual Report

  • Labels/Stickers

    OPP Tape/Packaging Tape (with printing option), Vinyl Stickers, Silver Polyester Stickers, Mirror Kote/Woodfree Stickers, Car Decals, Transparent Stickers

  • Large Format Printing

    PVC Banner, Window / wall mural vinyl sticker, Clear Sticker, Floor Graphic Sticker, Decal, Mesh, Fabrics, Backlit Film

  • Portable Display System & Point of Sales Solution

    Easy Roll, Banner Stand, Pop-Up System, Pop-Up Exhibition Counter, Round Tower Pop Up, Mini Pop-Up System, Panel Systems

  • Instant Canopy

    Durable stainless steel Instant Canopy suitable for all events & occasions.

  • Signage

    3 Dimensional Sign, Acrylic Products, Aluminium Signs, Directory Sign, Illuminated/Non-illuminated Signs, Landmark Indicators, LED/Neon sign, Pylon, Stainless Steel Signs

  • Corrugated/Cardboard Display Stand

    Standee(life size)/Counter Tops, Point of Sales(POS), Packaging Box, Brochure/Magazine Stand, Hang Sell.

  • Rental of Event Furnishing, Accessories & Other Miscellaneous

    Modern Chair, Table, Sofa, Stool, Bench, Cube chair, Cantilever Umbrella, Podium, Queue sign, Queue stand, Foldable Partition etc.

  • Rental of Event Illuminated Furnishing

    Led Cube seat,cube balls,bench,Bar Counter etc.

  • Pocket Tissue Advertising

    Unlike flyers that often end up in the recycle bin, pocket tissues are widely accepted and everyone appreciates a free supply of tissues. Pocket tissue packs are normally kept until fully used,thus offering a long circulation and retention period. Such an advertising medium can be advantageous to all kinds of business industries from restaurants to multinational companies by helping to create brand awareness and marketing plans.www.canadagooseschweiz.biz We can assure you that your brand is being seen and felt in the hand of many people.

  • Benefits:

    100% acceptance * Minimal Wastage * High Retention Level * Frequency Of Usage * Wide Reach & Circulation * Cost Savings Per Prospect * Visibility & High Exposure * Versatility As A Marketing Activity

  • Perfect for:

    Exhibitions * Promotions * Road Shows * Conventions * Trainings * Seminars * Educations * Conferences * Trade Shows * Product Launches

  • Corporate Gifts

    T-shirt, IT Accessories, Leather, Pens, Umbrella…

    * Apparel Brochure
    * Awards Brochure
    * Gifts Brochure

    (Contact us for further enquiries)

  • Graphic Design

    Our designers are able to work with you to ensure that all creative work helps to develop and build upon your company brand image. We have in-depth practical knowledge of bringing your ideas to life and we can offer services from our company to make sure you achieve the end result with total satisfaction.

  • Flyer Distribution Services

    HDB and Landed Property, Door to Door, Car Drop Distribution, Busy Street or Near MRT Distribution.